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    WOW Bingo

    Far more than just bingo- a full-range casino triumph.

    Players from Russian Federation not accepted

    • A truly amazing range of bingo games with all ball counts represented.
    • Full scale casino area which offers great poker, blackjack, slots and more.
    • Great promotions and incentives which will make you want to come back again.
    • Top-of-the-line support including telephone, email and online chat when players need it.

    WOW Bingo Review

    Do you find the idea of full-range casino websites a little, err, too full? Are you longing for  a way to win money online, but without having to learn the ins and outs of Texas Hold ‘Em? If so then you may have stumbled upon the exact place you’ve been looking to find all this time.

    That’s saying something, too, considering just how many online gambling websites are now out there on the internet. But whilst the vast majority look to recreate the ambience of a casino in some way, shape, or form- namely by offering the usual mix of cards, roulette chips, and slot machines. There is another way to seek out digital riches, though, and one that doesn’t require you to understand the difference between a flush and royal flush.


    Modern Site

    OK, so before you start getting all excited about some newfangled type of betting that you never heard about before, let’s get one thing straight. WOW Bingo is, as the name suggests, a bingo website. And yes, there’s no shortage of bingo websites out there on that world wide net. In fact, after slot specialist sites and full-range casino offerings, we’d hazard a guess bingo is the next most popular. Nevertheless, it’s still not quite as prominently advertised as other types of betting site, and as such it’s worth pointing out that this is something of a ‘different’ type of way to win.

    Message hopefully understood, let’s move on to the site itself. Once the website has loaded up you’ll immediately notice that the build and design are very modern. Perhaps not particularly ‘cool’- all ‘fun’ rainbow colours and curved fonts, this will unarguably speak to the demographic the majority of bingo websites target; predominantly middle-aged females if the survey we read the other day is much to go off.

    That’s no criticism, of course, just to say that macho guys are probably not going to be that drawn in by the multi-hued aesthetics of this one. The landing page itself is nice and clear, with menus easy to find, a huge slider image in the centre boasting the latest and greatest deals and offers the website is sold on, and below this you’ll find the thumbnails showing different types of games on offer. Perhaps interestingly, though, there are also options for games that are not just bingo, but we’ll come to these later.

    By Later, We Mean Now

    As you’ve probably picked up on, WOW Bingo is not just a bingo site. In addition to bingo it also offers an abundance of games that fall into the full-range casino category. This might sound as though everything we wrote in the introduction to this review is inaccurate, and perhaps you’re right. We’d argue the toss though- this is still a bingo focussed site, and still has its sights set on the demographics that respond positively to ticking off numbers on a sheet, more so than those looking for a serious game of cards.

    However, you can come here for a serious game of cards. Or roulette. Or indeed a load of slot machines. On the whole, these aren’t going to draw in the audience that just wants to get stuck into poker, but they do mean you have plenty of options for when bingo starts to get a bit tiresome, if it ever does begin to get tiresome, and as such we have to commend the developers for creating something that has so much longevity built into it.

    Bingo Is the One, Though

    Despite all those other options, though, bingo is still ‘the one’, as you might say. WOW Bingo takes this area of the site very seriously indeed, providing you with opportunities to play Jackpots, 90 Ball, 80 Ball, 75 Ball, 50 Ball and 30 Ball variations on the popular game.

    When the website first loads up the bingo section you’ll immediately notice just how high some of the jackpots are. Winnings when we were testing the site went up to the thousands of pounds, which is definitely impressive by any standards, and up there with what a full-range casino website would be giving out for games you may consider to be more serious. The homepage also has a ‘Bingo Schedule’, where you can see what games are starting and when, making it easy to get involved with draws that actually appeal to you.

    Promotions and More

    As with most casino websites, WOW Bingo is pretty keen to entice players with promotions, deals and offers. We put the site through its paces in February, when there was a huge Valentine’s campaign set up, which ran for the entire month.

    Obviously this would change once March arrived, but there are also several other promotions that are permanently in place. These include the Free Bingo Extravaganza, Newbie Bonus Boons, Cashback Every Week (which, as it sounds, offers cashback on a weekly basis), and a Jackpot Special.

    The rules and details of each vary quite dramatically, but each offer has its own dedicated page that gives you an in-depth breakdown of exactly how the deal works. This alone is a lot better than many other websites of this kind- we’ve spent ages trying to work out exactly how things function in the promotions sections of gambling sites, and have always been dismayed at how complicated this information is presented to you at less well-designed sites. Hats off for transparency then.

    WOW Bingo Bonus & Promotion

    First Deposit
    4x Bingo/10x Slots
    Second Deposit
    4x Bingo/10x Slots
    Third Deposit
    4x Bingo/10x Slots

    Support Services

    WOW Bingo doesn’t just excel at fun and games, either, it also has a great support network in place. You can email the website directly, and there’s a promise of a ticket being raised to deal with the enquiry within ten minutes of you making contact. Meanwhile, you’ll also find a phone number (UK dialling code) and 24-7 online chat, which is something that usually marks a website out as amongst the best on the market.

    Look Elsewhere

    On the whole, even though a good selection of games, this casinos isn't something we'd like to recommend to our readers. If you are after casinos that are approved by our dedicated casino reviews team, click below to find alternatives that could live up to your expectations.   


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