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    Tipex Bet Casino

    A European masterclass in online betting.

    Players from Russian Federation accepted

    • A huge array of sporting events to bet on means you won’t get bored.
    • Unique opportunity to bet on Cinema events like Academy Award winners.
    • Great Live and Virtual Casino offerings put you right in the action.
    • 3D Poker recreates the real thing, all from the comfort of your own home.

    Tipex Bet Casino Review

    There are several things that you notice when the landing page for Tipex Bet loads up – which is must be said takes far less time than many other online casino sites we have come across. For logic’s sake, then, we’ll deal with each individually by way of an introduction to this review.

    Firstly, there’s a lot of text that isn’t in English, even when you set the language at the top of the screen to English – which will be the automatic default if you’re browsing from an English-speaking region. This is pretty confusing, although thankfully the most important information is in our native tongue, so it’s not the worst thing in the world. Secondly, despite what the name may suggest to some users, this has nothing to do with the white eraser liquid you may (or may not) have once used to correct mistakes in school exercise books and deface the pencil tins of fellow classmates. Quite what Tipex actually refers to is unclear, although the smart money may be on Tip Expert, as in tips you get on horses in a race, or similar wager-friendly events.

    This also leads us to the third and final point for this intro – there’s no overriding theme to this casino website, which is a pretty refreshing change if, like us, you have had your fill of casino websites inspired by Mexicans, or fantasy cities, or ancient Chinese assassins. Sadly, this means that if you prefer your casinos to have a theme, you’ll be coming up short with this one.


    Clear and Comprehensive

    On a more positive note, the landing page does make it pretty clear as to how comprehensive this casino website offering actually is. As per usual, directly beneath the trademark logo and name you’ll find a row of menu options that can be clicked on, and these range from Sport to Live Casino, to Stats and Virtual. So at once we know that you can bet on actual real sports, like a proper bookies, or you can jump in to the virtual casino itself and start putting money down on roulette tables and poker games (Poker is actually a stand alone option of its own).

    Put simply, then, there are tons of options here and far more than the average casino website gives you, which is always good in our eyes. First impressions are good, despite the language barrier, so let’s lift the lid and see if the contents match these high expectations.

    A Sporting Chance

    We’re big fans of having the chance to bet on actual events, and Tipex Bet is up there with the most comprehensive. You can bet on Soccer games- or football to those in Europe- Basketball, Cricket and plenty more. Again there’s a language issue here- many of the disciplines are not properly translated into English, so whilst it’s clear what Basket refers to, we’re less than 100% on Freccette (although the little logo next to the word would suggest it’s something to do with darts.

    There are, of course, many other casino websites that have a similar range of choices, but one thing that immediately stands out in this section is ‘Cinema’, and it represents a rather unique proposition – one that we haven’t come across before; the ability to put money on the results of major film awards and competitions. When we tested the site it was Oscar season, so this was the dominant event to bet on. It’s a small but important aspect to the site as this basically shows you that Tipex Bet isn’t satisfied with just doing what all the others do.

    Play Your Cards Right

    As we already mentioned, Tipex Bet has a full casino offering, and this is broken down into several parts. By clicking on Poker you’ll be taken to the poker area, which has three different types, each with various games that you can join. The three types are Poker Classic, Live Poker, and 3D Poker. Pretty self-explanatory in terms of what you should expect, it’s worth noting that again there’s a lot of non-English text, although it doesn’t take a genius to work out what the text actually says, even if you don’t read Italian at all, which is apparently the native tongue of the website itself.

    Casino is another option available, and this offers up things like Slots- which we’re always big fans of- Specialty Games, which are those you won’t find elsewhere, and StarGames, AKA the most popular from the other varieties. Again, this is hardly exceptional, and there are more options, but the overall purpose of us referencing these is to basically show you that there’s a huge casino provision here- which goes further into Live Casino.

    What is Virtual?

    Good question. The Virtual option basically opens up the potential to bet on fantasy sporting events, such as Touchdown for American Football, or the Virtual World Cup for soccer. It’s a strange idea perhaps, although when you consider the fact that many people will be logging onto the site when there’s no real game in their favourite sport to bet on, it starts to make a little more sense.

    Finally, you can also bet on Stats, which is basically specific aspects of particular sporting games. Think Top Scorer or First To Score type stuff and you’re in the right neighbourhood, so to speak.

    Far from Faceless

    Tipex Bet has a decent enough provision for contacting the website in the event of something going awry or not being clear. If you click on Contacts you’ll find telephone and fax (just in case you fancied a trip back to the 1980s) numbers readily available. Handily, the developers have also provided both an email address and two different Skype user names- one for general support and the other for help. This may be a far cheaper way of offering online chat, but it works in exactly the same way and so most people won’t notice the difference between this and a specially made online chat bot, although it’s worth noting that you obviously need to have a Skype account to interact in this way, so perhaps it’s not quite a complete alternative to a bot.

    Tipex Bet Conclusion

    Tipex Bet is a decent betting website that, if you live in the right corner of the world, is up there with the best. Sadly we don’t, meaning the language barrier is a little jarring at times, and there are first language English alternatives that we could be using for pretty much the same purpose.

    Surprisingly, given its penchant for Italian, the website postal address is actually in Austria, but you just have to get beyond all this and consider what’s on offer for your time, and what’s on offer is definitely impressive. We’ve never come across cinema-related betting, and that should appeal to anyone who has grown tired of the usual sports stuff. Nor have we seen quite such an extensive list of sporting disciplines open for betting.

    Overall, then, you could do far worse than this, with great options for getting in touch with the powers that be if you need to, robust security and a great set of games. It’s just a shame more effort hasn’t gone into translating all the information. Meanwhile, the distinct and noticeable lack of promotions and deals seems to be a huge oversight, as many gamers expect to get more for their money than just what their money should give them, although we may just have missed these due to the language problems, again accentuating how important it is for you to be able to read everything.


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