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    This Is Vegas Casino

    Digital den This Is Vegas is lots of fun.

    Players from Russian Federation accepted

    • The great selection of specialty games varies from most other sites.
    • Very modern website with great navigation and animated effects throughout.
    • Excellent promotional offers means getting much more for your money.
    • Iconic Las Vegas theme will appeal to die-hard gamblers and newcomers alike.

    This Is Vegas Casino Review

    There’s nothing like taking advantage of an established reputation to try and set the scene. It’s something writers do frequently in their work as it’s an easy way of trying to get across a point in the most succinct form possible, and long may it continue. With this in mind you have to wonder if This Is Vegas was created by scribes. After all, this is an online casino the likes of which we’ve all seen a million times before, but the name itself invokes something far more engaging, engrossing and all-encompassing in the world of gambling and winning- the planet’s number one destination for those looking to put a wager or two on.

    Of course there’s the obvious point that a website is going to find it very difficult, if not completely impossible, to recreate the magic, decadence, debauchery and – in some corners just off The Strip – seediness of a weekend in Vegas. The Nevada city is renowned for its over the top gaudiness and ability to take even the most innocent people in the world and turn them into booze-soaked, stripper-ogling, debt-amassing creatures of the night (anyone who has seen The Hangover will understand this only too well). But let’s not split hairs here.

    When the website first loads up you’ll immediately notice that it’s very up to date and incredibly visually engaging. Just below the trademarked logo there’s a rotating slider image that’s busier than a night in Caesar’s Palace, and then some. The pictures shift regularly, and don’t just slide away onto one side- the words and images have a host of effects applied that basically animates the transitions. It’s pretty rudimentary stuff all being said and done, but it’s definitely a distraction from the actual information being offered. Nevertheless, at least it confirms the site is bang up to date.


    What About the Games?

    Good question, after all you’re not really here to make judgements about the born on date of the website itself, but rather the born on date, and playability, of the games on offer. Well, it’s certainly a mixed bag when it comes to this ‘Vegas-style’ online casino experience. So let’s look at each one separately.

    If you scroll down the homepage you will eventually get to a small menu that allows you to click and organise the games into type. The first is simply to view what’s ‘Hot’, the second is what’s ‘New’, but beyond this it starts to get a little more informative. First of all are the Slots, which are perennial favourites of everyone in this office.

    Slots are always great fun, offering up instant gratification and (ideally) fast money for those who want to get involved. They don’t require much of you- just a quick ‘insert coin’ and then ‘spin’, and you’re away. Probably the most accessible of all the types of online casino game, they really are great fun and highly addictive.

    If you click through onto ‘All Games’ then things get more interesting still, confirming that there are actually loads of different types of games available to play. Slot-wise, you have Progressives, 3 Reels, 5 Reels, and I-slots, which is basically short hand for ‘all the latest and greatest versions of online slot machines’.

    Not Bad at All, Then…

    Of course there’s a lot more to Las Vegas than slot machines, and whilst This Is Vegas can’t compete in terms of entertainment- there’s no MGM Grand style stage show or rollercoasters running through hotel grounds- it does its best to try and compete in its own way. Well, OK, by that we really mean there are a host of Video Poker and Table Games up for the playing, which may not be that outstanding in comparison with other online casinos, in fact this is pretty par for the course, but the fundamental point is you have plenty more to go at here- Baccarat, Blackjack, Pai Gow Poker. Put simply, then, you won’t be bored.

    What About the Specialty Section?

    Another good question. Skipping back to the homepage itself, the initial games menu has a section called ‘Specialty’, and this is where This Is Vegas starts to differentiate itself from the others out there on the market.

    Here you’ll find everyone’s favourite brain teaser (or at least favourite brain teaser if you enjoy numbers), Sudoku, alongside Bingo of different varieties, and a couple of types of Keno. We’ve seen this lot before elsewhere, Sudoku being the least common for online casinos, but these are far from completely standardised by any stretch of the imagination, and for this you simply must applaud This Is Vegas for its decision to go against the bog standard grain.

    Promotions and VIP

    As with many casinos, there’s a range of promotions on offer and a dedicated VIP area to find yourself in. Let’s look at each in turn. Promotions wise, you’ll ‘never be without a promotion’ isn’t the worst thing we’ve ever heard, and this is proven in the 50% reload offer that This Is Vegas has on an ongoing basis. Put simply, every deposit you make will receive half as much again added on by the casino, which is crazy generosity if ever we heard of it.

    In addition to this, there are bonuses for referring friends, and a staggered first, second and third deposit bonus of 100, 100 and 200% respectively, up to £1,000, £1,000 and £400 respectively. That means a potential grand total of €2,400 free from the casino itself, just for putting some money in. You also earn what are known as ‘Comp Points’ for every €1 you bet. Accumulate these and eventually you’ll have enough to transfer into cold hard cash, which could be a lot worse.

    As for the VIP club, this is less VIP than you may fear, and more ‘everyone welcome’. The more you play the more ‘Prestige’ you earn, which basically means moving up through a series of ranks which are rather confusingly colour coded- Purple, for example, is higher than what initially appears to be Gold, until you find Gold further down and realise that other one was actually just Yellow.

    This Is Vegas Casino Bonus & Promotion

    First Deposit
    Second Deposit
    Third Deposit

    This Is Vegas Conclusion

    Overall This Is Vegas is definitely a well put together online casino website. It doesn’t suffer from huge oversights, omissions of information or general bad mistakes that could have been avoided in terms of layout, text accuracy or image problems. That alone is definitely better than the vast majority of online casinos we have come across, but is it enough to make it win up against the best of the rest available on the market?

    Clearly the two biggest selling points are usually how good the games themselves are, and how many there are. In both instances sadly This Is Vegas comes out as pretty average. Yes, there are some great types of Slots on offer, but realistically that’s not going to win any fan of full sized casino websites. Impressive as the choice is.

    Thankfully, for the people behind this site, there are a fair few Video Poker and Table Games on offer, but again the selection is lacking when compared with some other websites we have come across. Put simply, then, there’s just about enough for you to stick around and once you’ve stuck around for a bit chances are leaving for another option elsewhere on the internet will be a bit too much like hard work. Frankly, though, that’s less of a recommendation and more an indictment of how lazy we can be with our browsing. Still, at least it’s not all bad news.


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