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    SpelLandet Casino

    Play slots online without needing to register!

    Players from Russian Federation not accepted

    • Reliable and trusted licensing issued by the established Malta Gaming Authority.
    • No registration needed to start an account so you can start playing on the games right away.
    • Deposits and withdrawals are carried out using the reputed Trustly payment processing method.
    • One of the most comprehensive online slots libraries of NetEnt games available to play.

    SpelLandet Casino Review

    If you’re reading this, the chances are that you’re sufficiently practiced enough in the ways of the Swedish language to understand what SpelLandet means. If you’re an English speaker reading this to check this site out for whatever reason, then you’ll be interested to know it means Game Country.

    The name of SpelLandet Casino really sets the tone for this review. This is where you come to play. You’re not here to mess around with registration forms or complex deposit processes. You’ve seen the classic casino games available to play and you want a piece of the action. That is where this casino gives you exactly what you want.

    SpelLandet is a casino online that doesn’t require an in-depth registration process for you to waste countless minutes on. Time filling out the mundane details of what your mother’s maiden name was or what your first pet was called is valuable time wasted in their eyes.

    The Scandinavians are building a reputation for knowing what the online gaming sector wants. Developers such as NetEnt have been leading the way with their massive progressive jackpots and big brand slots titles. It’s understandable that the prestigious developer is the main provider of games at this casino.

    Presentation is key for this site. The design is cool and quirky. It’s got enough vibrancy that makes it feel alive, yet doesn’t jump the shark by crossing into the realm of immature. The navigational side of things is very smooth and at face value it feels like a casino that has direction. An encouraging start to this online casino review of SpelLandet.


    Barmy Bonus Bonanza?

    OK, if you’re a fan of bonus promotions then you might want to take a seat and take a deep breath. Right, are you ready?

    SpelLandet Casino doesn’t offer you any bonuses… yet. Yes, it’s true. Now, don’t break down just yet. Every cloud has a silver lining. As a fresh site with a few years to catch up on its rivals, the operator has done the wise thing of establishing itself on the online gaming platform before making a range of bonus offers available for you to play.

    Things are still growing and it’s taking the sensible choice of finding its own identity and place in the market before delivering a range of promotional deals that will appeal to its own players. It’s an approach that will benefit players in the long term. Get to know your clientele and then offer them bonuses that you know they will benefit from the most.

    It only feels like a matter of time before the online casino is setting up welcome bonuses, reload bonus offers, and loyalty rewards. No account casinos do make things a little more difficult to get these going. As these types of casinos begin to get a foothold in the industry, it’s an exciting prospect of what bonuses they’ll bring to the table in the near future.

    Hello? Promotions? Are You There?

    You’re probably not going to be very surprised to read this, but SpelLandet Casino is void of any promotional offers right now. The prospect of free spins offers haven’t been ruled out in the future by the operator but at the time of writing this review of SpelLandet Casino, there are no promotions available for players.

    There is an argument to suggest that there is potential for a future without promotions at online casinos. Particularly sites like this where accessing the games is so convenient. For the time being, SpelLandet is not offering anything.

    On the plus side, you won’t have to deal with any excessive terms and conditions about minimum wagers or playthroughs. You won’t be distracted from your favorite games in favor of a less popular slot game that’s part of a promotional offer. It’s just you and the games. Mano a… game… o.

    As is the case with the bonus offers, SpelLandet Casino hasn’t written anything off. The prospect of leaderboards, daily promotional offers, and weekly prizes are something that could happen further down the line.

    Scandinavian Slots for Scandinavian Players

    If there is one thing that SpelLandet Casino is clearly showing it is that the Scandinavian gambling sector is alive and kicking. This operator has pin-pointed the games of the highly-rated developer NetEnt to lead the charge for its product.

    It’s a bold move, but one that is obviously a shrewd strategy. The NetEnt games have been a huge hit with slots players across the globe. These are games that are not only based on some of the most recognized brands around the world, but receive a huge amount of publicity upon their release.

    You only need to look at the press coverage that the Guns n Roses slot earned at ICE 2016 to see the impact these titles have on the industry. Everyone looks to NetEnt as a pioneer of slots. Further examples of this include the millionaire-maker slot Mega Fortune and the superb Aliens slot.

    Plans are afoot for more developers to get involved. It’s very much a work-in-progress for SpelLandet Casino. It’s likely that the site will be in a constant state of flux with new titles being added on a weekly basis. The current portfolio is one that offers one of the most complete collections of NetEnt slots online.

    In addition, there are also a range of live casino table games to try your hand at. Live blackjack common draw, live blackjack common draw VIP, live roulette VIP, and live blackjack VIP are all listed to play.

    Making the Move to Mobile

    Unless you want to be seen as a backwards-looking recluse, then every online casino founded these days needs to have its mobile product in order. SpelLandet Casino has obviously done its homework and designed a site that is mobile-friendly from the get-go.

    More and more players are turning to mobile gaming. The easy-to-use layout of the mobile version means it is just as enjoyable to play on a tablet device as it is on a desktop computer. The graphics are unaffected by the reduced size, and the navigational buttons are large enough to use even if you have chunky fingers like some of our review team. Apologies to the review team there but it’s true!

    As expected, the mobile site can be accessed through a range of mobile devices including Android, Apple, Blackberry, and Windows products. The selection of games is the same as those available online, so there’s no excuse not to give the mobile version a try.

    Customer Service Critique

    Customer support can be a potentially thorny issue for some online casino reviews. Fortunately, that’s not really the case with this review for SpelLandet Casino. It feels like a case of them being there for you if needed, but they don’t want to tread on your toes.

    Clicking on the customer support link, you are welcomed by a series of FAQs. This just helps to eliminate any common queries that would otherwise clog up valuable live chat time. A range of typical questions such as deposits and withdrawals related issues and frequent technical problems are covered. So, it’s worth checking those out before you access the live chat.

    The live chat function itself was as efficient as we needed it to be. You get through and your problem is dealt with quickly and effectively. It’s the modern way of dealing with things at online casinos and it’s open from 9am to 9pm every day.

    Faster Payments Are Here!

    SpelLandet Casino is part of the new era of online casino gaming whereby you don’t need to sign up with personal details or bank information to get going. You just deposit funds into your balance via the Trustly processing payment method and away you go. You can get straight involved in the wide selection of slots and casino games available to play at the casino.

    You won’t be surprised to know that Trustly is a Swedish firm. The company was set up back in 2008 by three friends in the city of Stockholm. It has grown to become a very respected payment processing company across the gambling industry.

    The benefits of Trustly are not only that your money is safe and secure, but it also delivers faster and more efficient depositing and withdrawal methods at online casinos such as SpelLandet Casino. It seems like a match made in heaven.

    The Last Word

    SpelLandet Casino is a member of the new generation of casino sites online that are offering no-account play. In a fast-paced industry there is a need for instant gambling with as little fuss as possible. This casino is taking a prominent step to offering that without letting the quality take a hit.

    The focus here is very Swedish. It’s a Swedish operator that is offering Swedish-developed games and using a Swedish-based payment processor. It’s a huge statement to the gambling industry to say that Sweden is now a central nation for innovative online gambling.

    This site still has a fair amount of growing to experience yet, but the early signs are encouraging and our review for SpelLandet Casino has left us feeling that the future is looking very bright.


    This casino is restricted in your country

    Here are some alternatives for you:

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    PlayAmo Casino
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