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    Royaal Casino

    Great casino aimed at the Dutch market

    Players from Russian Federation accepted

    • A huge selection of games across a broad range of styles and formats.
    • Impressive loyalty schemes and great rewards for new and old members.
    • 24-7 support from live agents via three different methods of communication.
    • A 100% deposit bonus as soon as lucky players sign up to the site.

    Royaal Casino Review

    It doesn’t (or shouldn’t?) take a genius to work out that Royaal Casino is not aimed at the English-speaking gambler once you read the URL and name of this huge online casino. Nevertheless, many will be pleased to know that everything on the site is written in English, despite the fact the most populous English speaking countries on the planet are amongst the territories that are not eligible to gamble on this website.

    Confused? We were too when we found out. However, get beyond this initial (and legitimate) gripe, and there’s an expansive and wholly impressive online casino offering afoot. Prepare to spend a fair amount of time poring over the numerous varied options, as this is one digital destination that packs a real punch in terms of choice, quality and professionalism.

    When you first land on the home page things will instantly look pretty familiar. This is a basic template website that uses the same format and layout as many other online casinos. Perhaps minus points for originality, this isn’t necessarily the negative observation it may sound like. There’s something reassuring about the familiar in general, and also if it ain’t broke best not to try and fix, as someone so famously quipped, and this couldn’t be more true than in this instance.

    Huge banner images advertise some very tempting bonuses, with some of that information laid over the top of imagery referencing specific games that you can play. Below this, thumbnail images show more games you could be playing, with yet more thumbnails below those, including one proudly displaying the fact that there is 24/7 online support on offer. This is certainly reassuring – along with the various payment and security logos at the bottom of the page it helps offer peace of mind – but we’ll look into it closer later in this review as not everything on this front is as good as it sounds.


    Overwhelmed by Choice

    Slots and Video Slots to Card and Table Games, Poker, and Jackpots. You name it, there’s a very good chance Royaal Casino has it here. It’s going to be no mean feat coming close to running out of new options on the Card and Table options, so you can imagine just how much there is to go at overall.

    The biggest selling point is probably going to be the Exclusives section of the games menu area, whereby you can whittle things down to show only the games that are unavailable elsewhere. These span across the various genres and styles/formats of game, and some of the best are actually the simplest slots. Mega Jackpot is definitely one title to remember – the closest thing to (hopefully) winning big in your local pub or bar you’re likely to get online, and we also liked the Mega King game.

    When all is said and done, though, Slots can only keep you entertained for a certain amount of time, meaning you really want Card & Table Games, or the option of Poker, to keep you coming back for more. Thankfully, there are plenty of great, modern, high-tech installments of both game types, meaning you can really get stuck in to this side of things, which is arguably a more mature and professional style of gambling than the online equivalent of one-armed bandits.

    Offers and More

    There’s a straight up 100% bonus just for signing up, and this goes all the way up to €250, which is way more than most casinos are willing to go to, and shouldn’t be considered as anything other than generous. Royaal Casino has a host of other great offers too, and the Happy Hour Bonus is one of the most appealing.

    Royaal Casino Bonuses and Promotions

    Welcome Bonus

    Every deposit made between 5PM and 7PM Central European Time is subject to a 30% bonus from the house, meaning you get 30% more chips to play with, up to an initial deposit of €250. The result meaning there is likely to be plenty of people betting between those hours every single week. Not that it will make a difference to your experience with the servers online casinos must have in place to cope with demand irrespective of offer-fuelled fluctuations.

    Loyalty to the Loyal

    You might see this as just another extension of the promotions section, but it’s worth noting as this is really vital when it comes to keeping players coming back. Royaal Casino joins the likes of in offering some truly irresistible deals to people who come back for repeat visits.

    So, kicking off on the Silver Level of the VIP Club, you’ll be given a 10% bonus on top of every deposit made. Next up, logically, is Gold, whereby you’ll get 15% in addition to every deposit. Platinum takes the figure up to 20%, Diamond 25% and Diamond Red 30%, meaning you basically are getting a third again on every dime spent in the proverbial machine. This is far and away one of the most generous proposals you could possibly hope to find online, and as such it’s important to pay credit where credit is due for paying credit for adding credit. If that makes sense?

    In Safe Hands

    Security is a constant concern for us all online, not least when it comes to financial transactions. Heavily regulated and sporting some of the best encryption tech on the market, Royaal Casino is nothing if not safe as gambling houses can be, meaning you won’t be kept up at night after handing over your vital statistics.

    There’s also the added bonus of 24/7 customer support. This comes in the form of an international phone number to reach people directly, an email address, and online form. Sadly, we’re not amazingly fond of online forms after filling out about ten million over the course of our internet browsing history and getting responses to very few.

    Nevertheless, the claim that these services are round the clock adds reassurance that if anything goes wrong you can get to the right support, and three options for getting in touch is better than one or two, albeit not the most comprehensive we’ve ever seen.

    Royaal Flush

    Royaal Casino definitely has the edge on many other online casinos out there. The looks and feel of the thing is robust and modern, with no old design traits or layout decisions making for an appealing proposition from the word go- you want to sign up and you want to get involved.

    When it comes to the overall selection of games there are plenty to go at and plenty of types to consider playing, with the majority of those we played definitely at the cusp of trend and technology right now. Perhaps more importantly, though, every single one was nothing short of great fun. Add to this tempting loyalty rewards and bonus offers, along with the reassurances that come with top of the range security and round the clock support, and what you have is an enviable package that doesn’t just appear to tick all the boxes, it very much does exactly that.

    Hard to find fault, you’ll find it just as hard to pull yourself away once the gaming and payouts begin, not least if you’re playing during Happy Hour or on a VIP Package. Grade-A stuff.


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