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    Lucky Cow Bingo

    Bovine fun with balls, slots and bingo

    Players from Russian Federation not accepted

    • Excellent standard of bingo games available or players to get involved with
    • Rare video bingo option combines slot fun with bingo calling action
    • Good range of promotions including welcome package for brand new members
    • Separate slot section for those who are after something other than bingo

    Lucky Cow Bingo Review

    Lucky Cow Bingo is kind of a strange name for a site that targeted at women. After all, cow is a derogatory term for women. Nevertheless, the first part of the game seems to make sense – luck being something you definitely need to win at a game that involves random balls being plucked out of a pile, with numbers on them, and you trying to match the numbers on your game card to the numbers called out faster than everyone else.

    When the loading screen first gets itself ready for you to begin exploring, our theory on this being a female-first site is confirmed even further by the lead image. A rather handsome young man – certainly suitable to take home to the parents – is wearing a cheap-looking cowprint suit with headdress of black ears, white ‘skin’, and brown horns. He’s not everyone’s cup of tea in terms of looks, but once you ignore the clearly pained smile he has obviously been forced to wear it quickly becomes evident that he’s definitely the sort of lad that women upwards of 35 would take a shine to.


    Fluffy Favourites

    Sorry. You’re right, we have spent a lot of time assessing who this is aimed at, however that deduction is pretty important in the grand scheme of using this bingo website. All will become clear very soon.

    So, the landing page loads and you’re confronted with cow man, next to a message telling you about winning 500 free spins on something called Fluffy Favourites. We’re not sure what that is, presumably a game, but the spinning ‘wheel of fortune’ type graphic next to it does look quite nice. The top of the screen is dominated by the Lucky Cow Bingo logo, plus a row of menu options. Let’s click on Bingo Games and see exactly what’s in store here.

    How Much?

    Not enough in some people’s minds, we’d wager. Lucky Cow Bingo is one of those bingo sites that clearly believes less is more. You only have options for 75-ball and 90-ball bingo games, which is pretty limited by our understanding. We have, however, seen bingo sites that have about ten different varieties, and in all honesty that’s far too many. Five or so would be our ideal, but then beggars can’t be choosers, as they say.

    One way in which Lucky Bingo does exceed expectations is with its Video Bingo option. Described as a ‘hybrid of slot and bingo’, these games don’t make you wait for a new bingo room to open up, which is obviously great if you just fancy a quick calling session before that all-important meeting this afternoon.

    Slots and Stuff

    Lucky Cow also has a selection of slots on offer for you to get involved with. For anyone who has been asleep the last couple of centuries, slots are basically the digital equivalent of a one-armed bandit – you put the ‘coin’ (credit) into the machine, hit spin, and then the idea is you match up rows of like-symbols, words, and objects. Each relates to a different level of winnings, and that’s about all there is to it.

    We’re big fans of slots as they are instant and lots of fun. Obviously you’ll probably struggle to win as big as you could on most other forms of online betting, particularly when there are no progressive slots featured in this particular selection- those are the ones where the jackpot increases the more you play, irrespective of success. Sadly, though, Lucky Cow’s choice is incredibly small and makes you wonder why the developers even bothered in the first place. There are lots and lots of online bingo and casino websites that do slots far, far better, so what’s so special about this that it would make you sign up for membership?

    Maybe the Promotions?

    Yeah… or maybe not. OK, so we’ve seen far less and much less generous promotions on offer from other websites – some of them you actually feel quite offended by the ‘gesture’, it’s so low and pitiful. Nevertheless, Lucky Cow could have done better than those it has been so kind to offer, albeit you should never look a gift horse in the mouth.

    So there’s a welcome offer – spend £10, win up to 500 spins – the Fortune Fountain, which is a £500 community jackpot, Balance Booster, whereby you get a share of a £250 jackpot on the 15th of every month at 8PM. Every day, you can play up to 2 hours of free bingo, and you can Love or Loathe – basically take advantage of extra chances to win. Forgive us for being brutal, but these and the others we haven’t bothered to mention are rather complicated ways of winning over new members and keeping old ones. Deals should be simple, and as financially rewarding as possible. These just feel a little, err, sad.

    Lucky Cow Bingo Bonus & Promotion

    First Deposit
    Up to 500fs

    How Now Lucky Cow?

    Lucky Cow Bingo really isn’t the best bingo site we have ever seen. It’s not the worst either, but you can’t help but feel that after all that effort of making that guy dress in a cowprint outfit and smile endlessly whilst they found the perfect shot, they should have made the site better. As it stands, although clearly new and, therefore, most likely an ongoing work in progress that will be added to in terms of new games, at the moment it’s languishing like a cow stuck on an island that has just been formed from sudden floodwaters in the Costa Rican rainforest. Confused? Put simply, it’s going nowhere, so get involved if you like but don’t expect this relationship to last if developers don’t buck up their ideas.


    This casino is restricted in your country

    Here are some alternatives for you:

    PlayAmo Casino
    PlayAmo Casino
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    Slotty Vegas Casino
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