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    Loquax Bingo

    Calling all bingo ducklings.

    Players from Russian Federation not accepted

    • Separate area for slots adds more fun for players than just bingo alone.
    • Generous number of promotions – offering eleven deals in total, plus a welcome package.
    • Useful walkthrough guides mean you don’t have to be an expert to play like one.
    • Multiple types of bingo on offer including 90-Ball, 75-Ball, and High 5 games – ideal for fans of variety.

    Loquax Bingo Review

    You’ve got to be quacking, or at least bingo-ing mad not to share our first impressions of Loquax online bingo website. Once the home page loads up it’s quite clearly overwhelming. The sheer volume of information contained in the initial glimpse of this website is, frankly, a little too much to contend with, coming at you with an abundance of box outs, welcome bonus ads and similar snippets, none of which are terrible decisions to include, but overall create a feeling of mild – if not full-on – confusion.

    The name itself is pretty weird, too. Loquax doesn’t really mean anything, and by using the head of a small- admittedly cute- duckling instead of the letter O you could be forgiven for reading the name as Laquax. Not that that would really offer much more insight into why the title has been chosen. Nevertheless, it does clarify one thing- this isn’t a bingo site that’s obsessed with things being too serious, and rather places the emphasis on having fun.


    A Standard Layout to Follow

    In terms of layout, although hectic the website does adopt a pretty standard format. At the top of the page you’ll see the brand logo and a background image of a crudely rendered cartoon landscape. Just below those, there are several click through options in a row of menu links – Register, Promotions, Games, Winners, Affiliates, Our Blog (which, thanks to the decision to use a particular font, actually looks like it says Our Bloc – something that would mean a very different area of a site altogether), and, finally, Contact Us.

    The next level of the page has one box claiming that if you sign up for an account you will ‘Get the best Welcome bonus’ – play with £25 in exchange for a £10 deposit. Alongside this, there’s a small table of ‘Winners’, showing user names of people who have won recently, but offering no information about when they won, or, more importantly, how much they managed to walk away with. And, added to this row, is a third box out, advertising a Jackpot amount, although again there’s not much clarification as to what the jackpot is for.

    The bottom of the page is dominated by a Latest Games box, which when we tested the site only showed two games in play, one opening at 11.18am, the other at 20.30pm, suggesting there’s not actually that much gaming going on behind the scenes here. Next to this is a Top Games box, which again only has a limited offering- just one game is displayed, which doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence that there’s going to be loads to keep you occupied once you sign up.

    Let’s Have a Closer Look

    If you click on the Games option on the menu row things begin to get a bit easier to understand. The first games shown to you are, understandably, the bingo games, which come in three forms – 90-Ball, 75-Ball, and High 5. We’ve seen all of these many, many times before, but we’ve also seen many more options on other sites, many, many times before.

    It’s strange to thing that someone would build a bingo website and only focus on three types of bingo, albeit three of the most popular types, and you can’t help but feel that this is missing a trick or two. Or indeed three. Online bingo is a particularly competitive business amongst the websites offering this form of digital gambling, and as such only the strong, or plentiful, will prove to be real success stories. Loquax doesn’t feel like one of those. At all.

    Coverall and Progressive Jackpots, Too

    The next option in the Games area is for Coverall Jackpots. This brings up a table that shows you every day of the week, and what jackpots are on offer at what time of the day. To be honest, there’s a lot of information, but to the uninitiated, the use of symbols is a bit perplexing. Yes, there is a key to what these mean at the bottom of the page, but really the developers should be looking to make this as quick and easy to understand as possible, which does not mean cross referencing.

    The website also includes a host of Progressive Jackpots for you to dive in and play, although these are only available at particular times of day, and the times vary depending on what day of the week it is. There needs to be a more concise format for these, in our opinion, because at the moment it’s far easier to forget or get confused as to what is available and when, than it is to remember what’s available and when.

    Featured Games Should be Slots

    The fourth option in the games area brings up what the website refers to as ‘Featured Games’, but these are in fact slots, from what we can see. Again, the criticism here centres on why these are not clearly labelled as slots, as for some people this won’t be that obvious when they first take a look. Could do better, in other words, although there are a decent number to go at – far less than many sites, but we’ve come across some that only have five or six to choose from. Loquax is much better.

    A Helpful Hand

    If there’s one thing that Loquax does do quite well, it’s offering simple guides on how to play all its games, and the ins and outs of using the site itself. Click on How To Play in the Games area and you’ll immediately see there are various walkthroughs guides for this. Granted, they could be done better – perhaps with simple animations which wouldn’t be that difficult to create cheaply – but at least they are here.

    Sadly, Loquax isn’t as forthcoming when it comes to letting you get in touch. There is a free phone number for UK residents, which is in operation between 9am and 1am, but it would be nice to have options like online or Skype chat to supplement this, and something other than a simple [email protected] email address.

    Deals, Deals, Deals

    Another area in which Loquax comes up trumps is in the deals on offer, or rather Promotions as the site phrases it. These range from the Weekender, whereby you have the chance to claim more than £700 in real cash prizes on Saturdays and Sundays, to ther Late Night Show, which lets 50 lucky people play for £100 real money after a certain time of night.

    Overall there are 11 different promotions ongoing at Loquax, and this doesn’t include the Welcome offer we mentioned in the opening of this review - which means you deposit £10 and get to play with £25. That’s not actually the best welcome deal ever, as the homepage puts it, but it’s not bad, and the overall number of promotions is relatively high up against many other bingo websites.

    Loquax Bingo Bonuses and Promotions

    Welcome Bonus

    Loquax Conclusion

    Although Loquax bingo doesn’t actually offer that much bingo in terms of variety, or indeed the number of games, what is here is of a good standard with plenty of fun to be had. Annoyingly, where the website slips up- and it slips up pretty badly- is in its information, presentation, and the presentation of information. There’s a sense of not fully being able to work out certain sections of the site, and not really being fully clued up on the true scale of what’s being offered. This could easily be improved with a quick site audit and perhaps a simple redesign, but until then we can’t help but consider this one very, very average indeed.


    This casino is restricted in your country

    Here are some alternatives for you:

    PlayAmo Casino
    PlayAmo Casino
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    Slotty Vegas Casino
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