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    Golden Lady Casino

    Luck be your lady with Golden Lady Casino.

    Players from Russian Federation accepted

    • Extensive range of Rival games, neatly packaged into a desktop and mobile friendly interface.
    • Easy to access VIP treatment for loyal players.
    • Peace of mind with a license from Curacao eGaming, ensuring your safety online.
    • Multiple payment methods to provide easier gaming.

    Golden Lady Casino Review

    The all seeing gambling lady over at the Golden Lady Casino has a diverse range of entertainment for its users, although there are several country restrictions in place that makes this a selective website to game with. Despite there being restrictions, the site is multilingual, including English translation.

    Its simplistic yet gleaming gold and black design makes it a minimally elegant casino brand for users who wish to cut away the fancy frills. What is more, they do so in the knowledge of having a considerable selection of activities to play, as well as some impressive promotions, both for new and returning customers.

    Those of you that are in doubt about registering as a member, the process is speedy and over within minutes. Not to mention that you can trial virtually all the games available, allowing you to game without needing to commit real cash. Users can browse the website freely, without limitations, until it comes to clicking on a specific title, then they will be asked to join.


    Quietly Humble

    Golden Lady Casino, although projecting the endless possibilities for its clients in the name, is rather humble for a casino from Rival. They’re known for being ‘visually rich’, and yet the aesthetic of this particular section of their brand is somewhat plain and understated. Even though appearances can make or break a casino, when it comes to the name behind this one, people can rest assure that they’ll get the best of quality. Therefore, its looks become less significant.

    Having been established in 2013 and yet still remaining a popular place to visit, the company has proven that less can be more. Not all platforms that use the brand take such a muted approach, but when compared to these other websites, Golden Lady easily stands out.

    Alongside the confidence instilled by the software brand, you also have the knowledge that all who game with Curacao are protected when gambling online, thus encouraging new players to take a punt with the casino. Even though the licensing operator only came into existence in the late 1990s, they’ve grown their applicants list and proven the value of their services.

    Help Whenever Needed

    The good feedback of Golden Lady Casino continues thanks to their various support options, some of which are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There’s a live chat option for those who require instantaneous help, followed by email customer service for when the issue is less important. And then finally, for those who prefer audio help, there’s a couple of call options and one fax number.

    In regards to using the services, in particularly the live chat, you’ll need to be a registered member for the full support to open up; this is because it prompts you for a valid email address before submitting your enquiry. In all honesty, this makes perfect sense as only those signed up with the casino should need such immediate responses.

    As for the emails, there are several departments you can be directed to, with the full list detailed on the Support page of the website. The only downside is that you have to copy and paste the details rather than simply clicking them.

    Games for Every Mood

    When those not familiar with online casinos visit a site such as this, they can be quite surprised that there’s a lot more activities available than classic table top titles and slot machines. That being said, when it comes to Golden Lady Casino, the vast majority of its games are of the slot variety, though they’ve been separated into more niche categories.

    Taking a look at the slot machines first and foremost, there’s I-Slots, Progressive Slots, 3-Reel Slots and 5-Reel. The beauty of having them sectioned off is that it makes searching and finding what you’re looking for much simpler, meaning that you actually spend more time playing rather than damning a poorly laid out Games section.

    Each set of titles are very extensive, many of them games you’re familiar with, and even if you’re not, you can be happy in knowing that you’ll be able to find an activity that suits you. By having so much choice, Golden Lady ensures many gamers can enjoy the brand’s riches rather than just a select few.

    What is most impressive is that all of the titles appear to be well designed and graphically brilliant, albeit in their own way. Sometimes having such range means that good games will be in among lesser activities, ones likely to be left alone, but that isn’t the case here.

    Even the 3-reel games look attractive, luring you in with their bright colours, sometimes even themes. Take Costume Party as the prime example of this: it’s a simple 3-reels game and yet it’s more fun than some of the 5-reels offered up here. Speaking of which, how about the 5-reel matrix of Jolly Rogers Jackpot? It’s the only way for a pirate to unwind after being out on the open seas.

    If you’re not keen on what’s been offered in this part of Golden Lady Casino, don’t disregard the site just yet, as we’ve not even covered the instant wins and table games, which have been well received with a lot of returning users thus far.

    The selection given is a lot less, there’s no escaping that fact, but that isn’t to say they’re any less than the titles we’ve covered so far; return to that mantra of less being more. Most of the instant wins, aka the Speciality Games, are more lacklustre in appearance, and much simpler, but they’re good for a quick top up of your funds. The ones that are particularly underwhelming are the originally named Bingo 30 Ball, Bingo American, Bingo European and Bingo 80 Ball.

    Special Rewards

    One of the other ways in which attention is drawn to Golden Lady Casino is via its reasonable selection of promotions, with the First Deposit Bonus being worth 600% of your cash; few welcome offers are as generous as that. Of course, the only issue is that you won’t unlock this promo unless you’re a paying custom, which does mean registered but demo playing users will be left out in the cold. In fact, most of the bonuses are money based, which is understandable yet restricting at the same time.

    For those desiring the most rarest of gold from the Golden Lady, they’ll have to work their way towards the VIP programme, a membership club that gives exclusive bonuses for your birthdays. What is more, it gives you the chance to win yourself holidays abroad. Even though the website claims that everyone is a VIP in their eyes, the fact of the matter is that you won’t get the rewards mentioned without being a regular, paying customer. It’s a simple truth.

    Golden Lady Casino Bonus & Promotion

    First Deposit

    Allocating Funds

    Although there are several ways to deposit and withdraw your cash with this casino, there’s a lot of reports that the timeframe in which withdrawals are handled are less than pleasing; as many as 5 days just to use your e-wallet.

    Seeing as winning is arguably more fun than gambling, having to wait such a long time feels rather unacceptable.

    Thankfully, the withdrawal time for credit cards and so on is only 96 hours max, which is much more satisfying.

    Minor Adjustments

    Golden Lady Casino is a decent website for all users who discover it, especially when it comes to those with a particular passion for slot machines. However, while it’s as good as any other average casino, there are obvious issues that need addressing for its popularity to increase.

    One of the most obvious being funds allocation. And then you have the fact that a fancy looking design will always outshine those who remain a plain Jane; such is the way of online gaming.


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