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    Fun Bingo

    Not just a clever name, this is bingo fun.

    Players from Russian Federation not accepted

    • Good quality bingo action on offer for all levels of experience with great rewards.
    • Separate games section offering slots for those who are bored of calls and balls.
    • Excellent provision for mobile games with separate site so the fun won't stop when you're out and about.
    • Great range of promotions and deals for members to redeem, including social media posting rewards.

    Fun Bingo Review

    Talk about putting your money where your mouth is and calling a spade a spade. Whoever is behind this particular online gambling den is clearly not shy of telling people exactly what to think when it comes to approaching the website itself. Whether you agree or not is probably down to definitions of words like 'fun'.

    So Fun Bingo is a bingo website that clearly wants you to have as much fun as possible. If that fun also involves spending money through your account, then – more than likely – that's something they are only happy to oblige with. Once the website itself loads up you'll start to notice a few reasons why they may be slightly over-egging things.


    Bright Start!

    For starters, what on Earth is with that colour scheme? Only Gumtree has ever managed to make something relatively good come from matching bright orange and bright green. We use the term 'good' pretty loosely too. There are far better websites to use for almost everything that Gumtree does, and the vast majority, if not all, of them are much better looking. Clearly someone needs to update their manual on how to build a website that people actually want to spend time on, not just one people go to because there's no real viable alternative.

    Fun Bingo follows suit, only it has far less reasons to be cheerful. If we can find jobs, products, services, even partners with similar sexual kinks on the internet via means that don't involve Gumtree, then how many more options are there for online bingo? There's only one answer, and that has to be simply 'loads'. Or 'loads and loads'. Whichever you prefer, hopefully you get the point – which is the fact that if you're going to run an online casino or bingo specialist, it has to actually look like something has changed the code and updated the build in the last four years. The technological revolution stops for nobody, and the train is only getting faster the further from the departure station you get.

    Fairground Display

    Evidently this hasn't happened in this instance, although it has to be said that there are some plus points. The artwork that has been used isn't the worst, showing a fairground. And there are plenty of cues to give us an idea of what to expect. Whereas other casino and online bingo sites have scant regard for what you might term functionality over form, and seem obsessed with hitting visitors with an aesthetic overhaul that gives little to no information in terms of what's actually behind the members door, Fun Bingo does the opposite.

    There are few redeeming qualities to how it looks, but it does give you plenty of information about what's on offer. We can see, for instance, that there are several games in play at any one time, and these games are of varying ball numbers. We can also see there are other games based on the fact there are options to click on labelled 'Bingo', and another 'Games'. We also know, again from the menu options, that you are able to redeem deals, promotions and offers that are available to members – a common tactic to lure people in and keep them coming back for more. At least we know all this before having to dive in, immediately positioning this among the more transparent gambling URLs out there. With that in mind, let's dive right in and take a closer look.

    Bingo, I Presume?

    Needless to say, bingo is the main reason you will have come to a bingo website. Those looking for full-range casino kicks are really not going to be satisfied by what's here. But how good, or bad, is the bingo that's on offer? Cutting to the chase, the bingo is of a good enough standard to hold your attention. There are also plenty of different types on offer – 75-ball, 30-ball, 80-ball, are just a few examples.

    The inclusion of a 'bingo table', for want of a better way of putting it, on the home screen is nice, and certainly emphasises the fact this is a community full of other, active users looking to win some cash. And the 500% sign up bonus, again made more than clear by the massive box out on the homepage, is certainly nothing to be sniffed at. This also applies to other games, too. Put simply, you sign up and get your deposit increased by five times the amount you put in, which you're free to spend on other ways of trying to win. Which brings us to the next section.

    There's More

    In addition to bingo games, you can also play things like slots. Now these may not be the most advanced slots in the world- you won't find any immersive 3D varieties like you will have probably seen elsewhere, but it's not bad as an added extra. A lot of bingo sites seem to treat slots like they do bingo. By nature, bingo can't be massively varied, and the only real way to mix it up is by changing the number of balls in play. Even then, there's not a lot that can be done – at most we've counted seven different types of bingo on offer on the most expansive and highest tech sites.

    In contrast, slots are all the same, and so you need a good number of them in order keep people interested. Fun Bingo does this part pretty well. There aren't exactly hundreds, and certainly not thousands (we've seen that many before), but there are enough to make this extra games area something worth coming back for. Add to this a limited selection of non-slot alternatives, all of which your can win money on, and clearly someone has at least attempted to make this into a comprehensive offering.

    Double or Quits

    Well, not quite. Nevertheless, Fun Bingo has a decent number of deals on offer if you know where to look. By clicking on 'Promotions' in the top of the home screen you'll be taken through to a page that is dedicated to explaining these inside and out. Some notable offers here include the referral system (get extras for bringing in new members) and also the social media rewards. Post something out on the web about this website, and you'll get something back in return.

    Fun Bingo Bonuses and Promotions

    Bingo Sign Up Bonus

    On the Go, Always

    These days people really don't want to be tied down to one specific location for any reason, and certainly not the bingo site they choose to play on. Fun Bingo obviously recognises this, and the developers have created a stand alone, responsive mobile site that has less options, but is arguably a far prettier beast. Another major plus point.

    Fun Conclusion

    Fun Bingo doesn't start off that well. We hate the dominant colour scheme as already stated. It's also not the most generous site in terms of giving users choices. But what is here works a treat, the mobile site is great, and the promotions good enough to satisfy even the harshest of critics (us). As such we're giving this one a thumbs up. Just.


    This casino is restricted in your country

    Here are some alternatives for you:

    PlayAmo Casino
    PlayAmo Casino
    VISIT CASINO Read our review
    Slotty Vegas Casino
    Slotty Vegas Casino
    VISIT CASINO Read our review

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