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    Fairys Bingo

    Bingo, slots and lots more.

    Players from Russian Federation not accepted

    • Excellent selection of slots and super slots for players to choose from if bingo gets boring.
    • Fantastic range of promotional offers including sign up bonus, and friend referral system.
    • Separate casino area which includes poker, blackjack, roulette, and more besides.
    • Very good winnings advertised to show you just how much people are walking away with.

    Fairys Bingo Review

    Call us sticklers for grammar and punctuation, call us fussy people who pick up on the tiniest of mistakes. Or, instead, call us well within our rights. Either way, we think we’ve got a point with the first impression of this online gambling haven.

    Fairys Bingo is, for all intents and purposes, not coming across particularly well in its initial presentation. Yes, we understand that the name itself is part of a .com URL, meaning there can be no punctuation (other than the . in the web address itself). But this doesn’t mean that every reference to the brand name on the home page should be without an apostrophe on Fairy’s. It’s annoying, and almost makes you want to turn back and head off in a completely different direction.


    Putting Our Gripe to One Side

    This enormous gripe aside, the homepage itself is pretty bog standard, and hardly redeeming this grammatical sin. In the top left hand corner you’ll find the brand name itself, and next to this a ticker counting up the Progressive Jackpot total. The problem being that we don’t really know what the Progressive Jackpot refers to, and this is something else we loathe about such sites- be clear with the information provided, rather than assume we can correctly assume.

    Below all this you’ll see a huge advertisement for the bonus being offered to new members (which we’ll come to later), and below these a couple of thumbnails prompting you to click on them. One says Play For Free, and the other Hot Promotions. Again, what the freebie is, and what the burning promos are, isn’t clear, and we really, really wish this wasn’t the case. But it is, and so the phrase ‘getting off on the wrong foot’ comes to mind.

    We Honestly Don’t Care About Your Over-Criticism

    Well, we don’t care if you don’t care. Agreed? Cool, let’s proceed with the overall details. To the left of all the items on the homepage we have already mentioned, you’ll find a menu list. Hued in a rather unsightly pink, it doesn’t exactly make any of the aforementioned issues disappear. Nevertheless, at least it’s relatively clear on what is on offer. Let’s have a look at the most important one of these to begin with- Bingo Games.

    Click on this section of the site and you’ll be taken through to a page that has nothing but bingo games listed. Or rather types of games. We’re used to some pretty limited details, and a small selection, but Fairys Bingo really does take those concepts to a different level. On the page you will see 90 Ball Bingo, 75 Ball Bingo, Daily Jackpots, and £1million Jackpot.

    OK, so granted the £1million jackpot sounds great- who, after all, does not want to win £1million. Or indeed 1million of any currency (even if the currency is worth very little, at least you’re still winning something). However, overall these do not reflect a very good choice of bingo games- there could be a greater variety of ball numbers, and even then more options within those ball numbers.

    Add to this the fact that there’s no information on which games are active, how long they have been active, and what the buy in price is and things begin to crumble very quickly un terms of how you perceive the quality of this website. In short- must try harder, guys.

    More Information in the Winners Section?

    Well, yes, there is a little more information – i.e. how much people have won. And don’t get us wrong, people are winning some pretty serious sums of money. However, it doesn’t tell you what they have won on- i.e. the different sorts of games being played regularly, which is a massive oversight.

    Surprisingly, the casino section is where Fairys Bingo [shudder] starts to actually redeem itself a little. Although the Casino Games area is, initially, pretty horribly designed and seems to be quite sparse, when you start to scroll down the screen things begin to make a bit more sense.

    The first thing we like about this area is the fact that it combines all the game types if should. The first game type being Slots, which is so often sectioned off in its own bit of a website, despite the fact that this is blatantly a casino game variety.

    Don’t get too excited, though, the selection is a bit limited, although there are some great titles in there. On top of this, there are Super Slots (again, not load, but enough), and then below this Video Poker (only one, but still, better than many bingo sites), Instant Games, and Table Games- Blackjack and Roulette. Could be a lot worse, then.

    Friends and Lovers

    Fairys Bingo does operate a referral system, which basically means player will be rewarded for referring a friend who winds up signing up for an account, which isn’t the worst deal in the world. There are also several promotions on offer to both new and old gamers. For example, you will receive a 150% sign up bonus when you make your first deposit. Sadly, on the advert for this the word deposit is actually spelt wrong, incredible as that may be, which kind of works against the point of offering this bonus – who wants to sign up to a website that can’t be bothered to use spell check?

    Fairys Bingo Bonuses and Promotions

    Welcome Bonus

    Elsewhere, the offers range from seasonals – such as Mother’s Day – to regular stuff, for example the Weekender, which, as it sounds, is only available at weekends. In total, we counted 12 different promotions in the promotions area, which is far more than many other websites offer, and as such we’re impressed. Further to this, the generosity of the promotions is also a positive – these aren’t half-cocked attempts to lure in less than savvy gamers, with many standing up against some of the best we have come across in all these years of reviewing online casino websites.

    It Just Feels Sloppy

    The big questions being, are those last few positives enough to make up for all the stuff we so obviously hate about Fairys Bingo? Well, yes, and no. So we loathe the punctuation. Or lack of. On a similar note, having such obvious and stupid spelling mistakes is really, really frustrating. Before you confirm and post any kind of static copy or content, you should really, really make sure this is without error, or it just comes across unprofessional, and lazy.

    The bingo options aren’t great either, or at least we can’t find any evidence to the contrary. Again, this isn’t that great considering we’re talking about an online bingo hall. This should have been the priority, and if it has been the priority we need to know that this is the priority – i.e. we need to know that there are more games on offer than those initially shown in the Bingo Games area.

    Having said all that, the casino and other games on offer do make up for some of those problems, as they go much further than many bingo websites. After all, the majority seem to have forgotten poker exists at all, which is annoying as this is one of our favourite games to play. Still, overall this is a pretty average site, with some good aspects.


    This casino is restricted in your country

    Here are some alternatives for you:

    PlayAmo Casino
    PlayAmo Casino
    VISIT CASINO Read our review
    Slotty Vegas Casino
    Slotty Vegas Casino
    VISIT CASINO Read our review

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