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    Bingo Please

    Say hello to the politest bingo site on the web.

    Players from Russian Federation not accepted

    • Claim a 100% first deposit match worth up to £100 when you sign up.
    • Play progressive jackpot bingo games with top prizes worth thousands of pounds.
    • Earn loyalty points with every deposit you make and redeem them for bonus cash.
    • Try video slots such as X Factor, Roland Rat, Fluffy Favourites and Monopoly.

    Bingo Please Review

    You can say what you like about Bingo Please – and we will in just a second – but it’s got to go down as one of the politest sites out there. There are a couple more gentle compliments to follow, but after that it’s mostly unfavourable. The site’s header and logo, featuring four Barbie style girls enjoying a tea party, is certainly alluring at least. “The No. 1 Bingo Tea Party!” reads the slogan beneath. Okay. Just to reinforce the politeness of the site, the featured image displays one of the Barbie bimbos uttering the words “Yes please!” while holding her teacup aloft to be refilled.

    Bingo Please is a bright kinda site. A really bright kinda site in fact, one blessed with all the colours of the rainbow. A bingo ball rainbow zooms across a blue sky in the background, though the colours diminish once you scroll below the fold and are greeted with the introductory text box, which is fairly muted in comparison. Here, the hyperbole starts: “Online Bingo has never been this exciting before! Bingo Please is the UK?s [sic] number 1 Online Bingo site offering £6000 in free bingo money!”. This is a load of badly written cobblers that is also wholly inaccurate. Why do sites publish this kind of nonsense? Later it refers to Bingo Please being a “world premier bingo site”. Sure guys, whatever you say.

    About Bingo Please

    Bingo Please is a Cassava Enterprises Limited site, which helps explain its good points and its bad. Cassava Enterprises are the masters of rushing out hastily assembled sites that are full of gaping holes and badly thought out. In fairness, there are certainly some good elements to Bingo Please, but this site has also got its flaws and, while most of them are minor, they’re irksome nonetheless. The operators of the site are based in Gibraltar and are licensed by the Great Britain Gambling Commission, who granted the license to 888 UK Ltd.


    That’s because Cassava Enterprises are owned by 888 group, a large gaming company whose UK division oversee sites such as Bingo Please. Another company named Virtual Digital Services Limited performs the same role for EU-based players. One other company worth mentioning is 8Ball Games Ltd who are a Manchester based company. They seem to specialise in supplying Cassava Enterprises with pre-designed bingo names and concepts, in this case one based around tea parties and politeness.

    What About the Banking, Please?

    There is a Banking link buried at the bottom of the site but click on it and it leads nowhere. Well, actually it leads to a sprawling page containing thousands of words of legalese, but it doesn’t lead you to a section detailing deposit and withdrawal options. Head to the FAQ instead and you’ll find information on withdrawals but nothing regarding deposits. This is something Cassava Enterprises do at 99.9% of their bingo site and, frankly, it’s unacceptable. If you’d like to know what deposit options you can use at Bingo Please, you’ll just have to guess.

    When it comes to withdrawals however you can use credit or debit card, cheque, Neteller, wire transfer or PayPal. There’s a 48-hour wait for deposits to clear, after which the quickest you’ll receive your winnings is in 2-3 days in the case of UK MasterCard, PayPal and Neteller. Predictably, you’ll have to wait a good bit longer for cheque or bank transfer to clear. There’s no information supplied regarding minimum deposit or withdrawal limits.

    And the Bonuses, Please?

    The 100% welcome bonus available at Bingo Please is available up to a maximum of £100. As bingo bonuses go this is okay but there are loads of sites operated by rival company Cozy Games Management where there’s a 500% bonus available. The minimum deposit amount to claim this 100% offer is £10 and there is a 6x wagering requirement before the cash can be withdrawn. The remainder of the promotions to be found at the site look very familiar and very lazy indeed, or at least they will if you’ve played at any of Cassava Enterprises’ other sites.

    Bingo Please Bonus and Promotion

    Welcome Bonus

    Rather than stocking their Promotions page with bona fide bonuses and enticing offers, they’ve instead loaded it with information on wagering requirements and other fluff that doesn’t belong there. It’s hard to pick out a proper promotion on the entire page; the best you’ll get is blurbs about specific bingo games such as Penny Bingo and £200 No Lose Bingo.

    Not so Much a Lobby

    There isn’t really a bingo lobby at Bingo Please, or at least not one that can be viewed without being logged into the site. Instead, you’ll find a general overview of how 90 and 75-ball bingo games work. Helpful as this is, it is simply generic information that has been used to fill out the Games page. Strangely, there’s more relevant information about the site’s bingo games to be found on the Promotions page than there is on the actual bingo page.

    Bingo Please offers both coverall and progressive jackpots, the latter comprising a 75-ball game named Diamonds Are forever, a 90-ball game called House Party and a High Five game called Swedish Jackpot. The value of these progressive pots can range between a few hundred pounds to several thousand.

    Other Games are Hidden

    Although they’re hidden away within a submenu, there are slots and other games to be played at Bingo Please aside from purely bingo. These are Cassava Enterprises go-to games such as X Factor slot, Roland Rat, Fluffy Favourites, Monopoly and Temple of ISIS. Some of these have progressive jackpots whose value can easily run into the tens of thousands of pounds.

    Indeed, the biggest winners on this site will almost certainly have come from playing slots as opposed to bingo. There doesn’t appear to be any mini games or casino games to be played, so slots are your only option. On the plus side, the quality of these is consistently good, even if there are no surprises to be found here in terms of new games. Cassava Enterprises don’t like to meddle with a winning formula which is why all their sites look the same.

    Bingo Please Conclusion

    It all starts off so promisingly with Bingo Please in a blur of colour and a charming logo and slogan. From there things rapidly go downhill as the rest of the site proves to be devoid of any creativity, inspiration or care whatsoever. Sure, the site works reasonably well on mobile and the games are reasonably good too, but is that all you aspire to in life? Surely there’s more to this world than simple settling for ‘good enough’?

    Bingo Please does the job, but it’s hardly the sort of place you’re likely to recommend to your friends, unless you’ve never visited a bingo site by another operator and are blissfully unaware of the options available to you. Play at Bingo Please if you must, whilst being sure to mind your Ps and Qs, but don’t expect great things. The site does its job, but that’s all it does. Faint praise indeed.


    This casino is restricted in your country

    Here are some alternatives for you:

    PlayAmo Casino
    PlayAmo Casino
    VISIT CASINO Read our review
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    Slotty Vegas Casino
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