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    Big Dollar Casino

    A flash in the pan or deserving of the big lights?

    Players from Russian Federation accepted

    • Classic design that looks strong on a site that’s simple to navigate.
    • Great slogan – ‘nuff said – and a variety of decent bonuses.
    • Good variety of games offering something for all players.

    Big Dollar Casino Review

    This is a great name for a casino – and offers promise of some big dollar wins! In fact, the winning can start before you start playing. The casino offers a 100% bonus on sign up. There is even a no deposit bonus, meaning you can trial the site without any risk of your own money. This is a pure bonus offer, which aims to win your heart. It is always nice to get a free bit of dosh – and 30 free spins gives you a chance to get a feel for how easy it is to win.

    Big Dollar Casino Bonuses and Promotions

    Welcome Bonus

    The site offers a fair amount of games that are free, so you can have fun on the site with none of the risk of loss but also none of the reward of winning – obviously.


    Is it all Flash?

    The site is really quite flashy – literally – everything seems to flash from anywhere and everywhere. The classic black design against silver is pretty appealing and what’s better is that there is a chance for a software download, which means you can experience better quality game play. The instructions for how to play include tips on how to win – which seems pretty kind of them – though it is quite hard to find your way to customer services. Hopefully, this is because they don’t think that you need to contact them.

    But what is really likeable about the site is the humour – the tagline “’nuff said, no small talk” is a clever play on the manly desire to just get on with the betting with none of the fancy stuff of other sites. The biggest and best of the tips offered on all comments about this site are to make use of the match bonuses offered – this will mean keeping a close eye on your email account – where these offers are sent.

    The biggest tip for winning on the site seems to be to stick with a game, bet the max bet on the maximum lines – this way the jackpot is available and you will be sure to win big.

    So, ‘nuff said – let’s get on with looking at some of the games!

    The Games Site

    What is good about Big Dollar is that the site is organised into different games types, based on how you might like to play and how you could win the jackpot. So, it is clear from the start if you are working to a progressive jackpot or whether you can win the jackpot of a single spin of the reels.

    There are also video slots, such as zodiac, which uses the fates of the stars as the theme for the reels; classic scratch cards such as lucky and video poker tables with Jacks or Better. There does seem to be a great variety.

    Here are some specifics:

    Molten Mooleh: There is nothing like a good bit of alliteration! Molten Moolah is a colour slot game with a progressive jackpot. The aim is to hit the slots at the random moment of a magical volcanic eruption, which offers a boosting of your winnings. This, as the site claims, gives you a flood of red hot lava moolah. A great bit of fun and there are plenty of free spins on offer to keep you interesting.

    Legends of Avalon: This is another great slot machine that offers a progressive jackpot. The use of the King Arthur myth adds a touch of quality to the graphics and with up to thirty lines – this has it all. There are a potential 15 free spins on offer and up to 4 times multiplier. It is an atmospheric slot with a touch more class than other slots of the same kind.

    Diamond Dare and Cash Flow: These are classic slots, with the chance of winning up to 2,500 coins. These are the sort of slots you expect in the grand old casinos of the past – with a wonderful sound track of chinks and cheers.

    ISevens: iSevenslooks like a classic slot that has been catapulted into the future. It is pretty dazzling, with some pretty flashy graphics – there is a sense of old-times rules with some high end technical graphics. There are fair few features in this game – which makes it different to most other classic slots. It plays a lot more like a game with a progressive jackpot but without the commitment to continue playing again and again. There is still a chance to win up to 8,000 coins, so this is no small time slot!

    Punto Banco: This is baccarat, the classier form of poker! The game is simulated around the character of a secret agent and there is more than a hint of James Bond about this game – even with some reference to the legendary martini and a pretty attractive Bond girl to share the game with you. This is a card game with six decks of cards mixed and with the hand value closest to nine to win.

    3 Card Poker Elite Edition versus Blackjack: This is a quick paced version of its bigger brother. One deck of cards, three cards – just you against the dealer. Or, maybe you fancy racing the dealer to 21 with blackjack. Both card games have a classic game play zone and smooth betting options. These are games of skills and tactics, unlike the games of chance of the slots and the scratch cards. Therefore, when you approach the table and watch as the cards are dealt, you can at least feel that you have some control over the outcome with your skill.

    Berry Picker: Now this is the proper world of the class slot that meets the world of the online scratchcard. With the berries from the old fashioned slots lined up in rows, you just need to match between 3 and 9 berries to win but you can also search out elusive creatures amongst the trees. The prizes on offer sound quite small, with a chance of 200 coins, but there are features, such at the x5 multiplayer. This could be a gentle beginning to your online casino experience.

    So, What’s the Crack?

    The Big Dollar Casino is a super smoothing gambling experience. The site offers plenty of incentives to sign up and share your email. Be aware, you should really pay attention to this email, as there will be bonuses pinging your way on a regular basis.

    What is really encouraging about this site is the graduated experience. You can choose to go in small time and enjoy the chance to win a few free spins but not break nor boom your bank account.

    However, there are also a great many chances to play games of skill as well as chance, with a maximum bet to win some pretty spectacular jackpot prizes.

    The site is awash with some smooth graphics and better than average soundtrack. The gameplay is helped by the download of the site’s software, which obviously buys you into the site and makes a commitment to play – but this is no big deal – as easy to delete as to download.

    There is a fairly decent set of reviews that suggest the winning experience is delivered at a suitably decent interval and that the impetus to keep playing is high. Checkout features with the banker are smooth and there are few unnecessary barriers to removing cash from the site.

    So, the crack is this: give big dollar casino a go – you will be more than pleasantly surprised by the ease and the quality of the gaming experience!


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