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    Always Vegas Casino

    Just as much fun at Vegas’s Bellagio.

    Players from Russian Federation accepted

    • First class online, email and telephone support for users.
    • Excellent selection of games including rare Asian games.
    • Generous sign up and loyalty offers for new and experienced gamers.
    • Top of the range banking and security for peace of mind.

    Always Vegas Casino Review

    Quite what is ‘Always Vegas’ is open to some seriously widespread speculation really. After all, nobody actually knows what happens in the world’s gambling capital if you weren’t there at the time- it stays put, or at least stays in the mind of bachelor parties and rogue journalists like Hunter S. Thompson, never to be spoken of again, but probably recalled in sudden and terrifying acid flashbacks.

    OK, so Always Vegas the online casino is actually pretty tame in comparison with waking up in a lavish hotel room surrounded by the detritus of a three-day bender, missing at least one vital organ, but that’s probably a good thing. At the end of the day, gambling websites are breaking down the fourth wall, as it were, and coming straight into your bedroom, or wherever in the home you prefer to play. And let’s face it, nobody wants outrageous debauchery and decadence in the same place they eat and sleep.

    Massive digressions to one side (apologies), Always Vegas is a pretty slick looking website in the grand scheme of online casinos. When the homepage loads up one of the first things you’ll notice is that it’s pretty damn American. And by that we’re not trying to stereotype anyone, or indeed sound condescending, but rather there’s a polished glam to the whole thing, with interchanging pictures of people with Colgate smiles and enthusiastic expressions celebrating a massive win or two. And why not – who wouldn’t?

    There are further clues as to who this is primarily aimed at in the fact that all the references to money are in US Dollars. Nevertheless, there should also be a sign somewhere explaining that you don’t have to be from the U.S. to gamble here, but it will probably help make it less confusing with exchange rates and what not. Introductions over, let’s lift the lid on this homage to the planet’s most ridiculously over the top and insanely fun, but worryingly expensive city on the planet. Onwards.


    You’re Here to Win

    Below the main branding, and above those images of beautiful people with their beautiful winnings, you’ll see a series of click through tabs running horizontally from left to right. There are several of these that you might want to hit, but for argument’s sake let’s say that you go for ‘Games’, given we all want to know exactly what games are on offer. OK, have you pressed it? Good, here’s the deal.

    Well, OK, perhaps that was a confusing way to put it- we’re not physically dealing anything, but rather trying to give you the lowdown. As with most online casinos, the Slots are pretty big business all round, and for good reason. Inspired by the old one-armed bandits of yesteryear, slots are always good fun, and always highly addictive (in a good way, of course).

    The idea of slipping a coin in and coming out with a big win, with a simple spin all it takes betwixt the two, is clearly going to appeal to many. For us, though, an online casino is only ever going to be as good as its Table Games. So, although there are tons of slots to choose from, the Table Games are where we’re going to focus this particular review. And if you don’t like it, well, sorry, there’s nothing we’re going to do about it.

    If you click on the very small reference to ‘More Games’ (bottom right), you’ll be given a full list of everything available, and for Table Games the list is pretty small, but definitely accomplished. So that means Blackjack, Multi-hand Blackjack, American and European Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Caribbean Stud, Let It Ride, Pai Gow, Red Dog, 3 Card Poker and War. Now, it may not be the longest list you’ve ever seen, but many of these games are not available elsewhere, which is always a good thing in our eyes- it’s not about being ‘different’, this isn’t a hipster competition, but it is about keeping things fresh, interesting, and avoiding repetition.

    In addition to Table Games you’ll also find Progressive Jackpot Slots (where the jackpot accumulates even if you’re not winning), Scratch and Win- kind of like a scratch card, only electronic, and a few other categories you’ll be used to. Less familiar are the Specialty Games – like Keno and Vegas Jackpot Keno – and Asian Games, such as Mahjong. We love it when casinos decide to include these, as it really does make a break from the norm and even introduces you to new gambling skills.

    OK, We Get it, Loads of Games

    It’s not all about games, mind. There are also plenty of promotions designed to lure you in and keep your attention. Just for signing up you’ll receive a 200% bonus – so you basically triple your first bet.

    Always Vegas Casino Bonuses and Promotions

    Welcome Bonus

    On top of that, the website will give you $7 to try out the games when you sign up to a Real Money account. OK, so $7 isn’t loads of dollar at all, but it’s better than a kick in the face with a steel toe-capped boot, and is enough to let you have a decent go at a few of the titles in the repertoire. Elsewhere, you’ll find some tasty cashback offers – 25% in some cases, and the cash is paid direct to you (i.e. no fees). Table Games offer a 50% Welcome Bonus, and there’s a VIP Club to boot, which basically rewards you the more you play. Not bad, not bad at all.

    Techikal Bitte

    Don’t ask why that is in pigeon German, we just thought it sounded funny. Anyway, now for the technical bit. Always Vegas offers some great online support for both new and experienced players, when they need it, which is, hopefully, very rarely, but nevertheless it’s there. And it comes in three different types.

    First up, you can engage in Online Chat with the staff on the other end, this is not 24-7, but almost as good as- 12PM - 4AM GMT. In addition, there’s email options, for both standard and VIP inquiries. Finally, there is also a UK phone number (and others for other territories), in case you want to actually speak with someone over the phone. Telephone support works in the same way as online chat – i.e. there are opening and closing times, which are the same as those mentioned above.

    Always Vegas Conclusion

    Always Vegas is a bit of a funny one really. On the one hand, it’s nowhere near as glam as it would like to believe it is. Those intro images may show people suited and booted, but the actual website isn’t as up to date design wise as it could be. Nevertheless, it’s not letting the side down, either, which is definitely cool with us.

    The choice of games, always the most important factor in any online casino review, is limited up agains some rivals where you’ll have reels and reels of every possible type. However, it makes up for this in terms of breadth of types- there are literally loads of types of games on offer, and some you really don’t see in many other places. Add to this great user support options that don’t limit you to just one form of communication, and it’s hard not to love this URL, even if it is a bit rough around the edges these days.


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