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    4 Kings Casino

    This casino looks like no other.

    Players from Russian Federation accepted

    • Brand new casino with a distinctive design and powerful branding.
    • Sign up to claim a 100% first deposit match worth up to €500 plus 200 free spins.
    • Take your pick from over 500 excellent video slots including NetEnt games.
    • Enjoy turbo withdrawals, a mobile-friendly gaming experience and good customer support.

    4 Kings Casino Review

    If you thought all casinos looked the same, think again. Or rather visit 4 Kings and then think again. Confusingly, the site’s URL is but its name is 4 Kings. Instead of filling the homepage with all the usual crap that festoons online casinos, the operators of 4 Kings have gone for a minimalist, stripped back approach. Decked out in tasteful purple, with a selection of icons to aid navigation, the site utilises a fully responsive single page design for the benefit of mobile players especially.

    Scroll down the page and you’ll discover that the site’s mascot isn’t a king – he’s a Greek warrior. A figure who looks like a cross between a Greek god and a warrior brandishes a hammer threateningly while stood upon fluffy white clouds. It’s certainly a distinctive look and one that’s a refreshing change from the sort of sites that settle for plucking their characters straight off the reels of slots like Gonzo’s Quest. The site uses language that makes signing up sound like an epic voyage or a quest, one that will present you with challenges as if you were in an MMORPG. Scroll further down the page and you’ll also find a Wonder Woman style heroine who’s presumably your love interest, if you’re taking on the role of the male warrior for the purposes of this adventure at least.


    About 4 Kings

    4 Kings is operated by ‘a group of casino enthusiasts’ whose names may be remaining anonymous but whose goal is at least publicised in a discreet About section towards the bottom of the page. Their aim is to make the casino experience more entertaining, which is a pretty vague goal admittedly, but a laudable one nonetheless. The About section also emphasises the fun element of playing whilst stressing that players are encouraged to set deposit limits to that they’re not spending more than they can afford. Betit Operations Ltd are the company who operate the site. They’re based in Malta and have a registered address in Sliema. The company are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority as well as by the Great Britain Gambling Commission, enabling UK-based players to grab a slice of the action.

    Range of Choices When it Comes to Banking

    There’s a fair selection of deposit options available which should suit British players in particular. Pay by Visa, MasterCard, Skrill and Neteller. One of the problems with a great many single page websites is that they’re lacking in essential information. In their quest to keep clutter to a minimum and squeeze everything onto a single page, certain elements are omitted altogether.

    Click on the Help button at the bottom of the page for example and you’ll be directed further up the page, where there’s nothing of note to be found. Perhaps this is a feature which only works when you’re logged into the site. There doesn’t seem to be an FAQ either, all of which means that information on deposit and withdrawal options is in short supply. This site’s so new that it doesn’t even have a favicon as it stands. Hopefully these missing elements will be added in due course.

    Empty Bonuses

    To get the ball rolling after you join 4 Kings, there’s a welcome bonus of €500 plus 200 spins waiting to be claimed. This works out at a 100% bonus. There isn’t any information available about the terms and conditions pertaining to this deal although you’ll surely be able to find out after signing up. In practice, this sort of information ought to be available to visitors to the site to help them make an informed decision about whether the bonus is worth the effort of signing up.

    4 Kings Casino Bonuses and Promotions

    Welcome Bonus

    Scroll further down the homepage and you’ll find three information boxes containing details on the bonuses that can be claimed on your first three deposits. Unfortunately all three of these boxes are empty. There are also typos in the accompanying descriptive text. There’s no means of telling what the second or third deposits may be until 4 Kings take it upon themselves to update their site.

    More Than 500 Games

    The good news about 4 Kings is that there are over 500 games to be played ‘from leading providers’. The even better news is that you can play up to 4 games at once if you’re so inclined. Whether you’re capable of multitasking to that degree is another matter but feel free to give it a go. Nice as it is that there are 500 games to be played, there’s a big problem in that you can’t view these games without signing up.

    This is surely a first: an online casino that reveals zero knowledge about the games it offers its players. You’ll just have to take the site’s word for it, and sign up in the hope that these games prove to be some of the finest on the market rather than fodder put in there purely to make up the numbers. Because the casino is marked as being powered by NetEnt, it’s safe to assume that there will be a load of NetEnt slots to play at 4 Kings as well as releases by other developers.

    Other Benefits

    The complete absence of browsable games doesn’t bode well, but the basic homepage at 4 Kings does at least supply a few other useful tidbits of information. For example, there’s the prospect of ‘turbo withdrawals’ although quite how fast these withdrawals are is never explained. Most of the language on the site is geared around this concept of a journey, complete with boosts and power-ups along the way.

    Evocative as this language is, it’s a shame there aren’t tangible examples provided as to what some of these bonuses entail. Apparently you need to look out for games that have a special symbol alongside them; these are concealing hidden features. Win at least two bonus rounds on these games and you’ll unlock a special feature.

    4 Kings Conclusion

    There’s nothing wrong with having a new site that’s yet to reach its true potential. It’s an odd decision though to promote that site before it’s been completed. There’s so much of 4 Kings that still needs work, from typos to missing sections. Even the social media buttons haven’t been activated yet. The idea for the site and the design of it is great but for it to work as a casino, it needs to make its information visible to general readers.

    It’s important to know what deposit and withdrawal limits are and to get a feel for the sort of customer support options. You’ll find none of that here and instead will have to feel your way around the site, working things out as you go. There’s the potential for this to be an excellent casino but in its current state it’s a flawed design that provides zero useful information. Give it a few months and 4 Kings could be worth going back to. For now though you’d be best off leaving it and seeing if things improve at all.


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