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    Live Dealer Casinos

    Over the years, many innovations have been tried in an effort to make online casino sites feel more like a real world casino environment. Perhaps the most successful of these attempts has been the introduction of live dealer games. These allow players to experience the same atmosphere they would get at a table in any luxurious casino resort around the world, all without ever having to leave their homes.

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    What exactly are they?

    A live dealer casino is part of an Internet casino site that uses real dealers and real casino equipment to determine the result of each spin, hand, or roll of the dice. This differs from most online games, which use random number generators (or RNGs) to create results on the fly for each bet as needed. Some sites are actually setup in bricks and mortar establishments, while others have opted to set up a private studio with the proper equipment and run the games from there.


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    How Do The Sites Work?

    Typically, an online casino game will be run using a graphical interface, where the player pushes buttons in order to signal what actions they want to make. Believe it or not, this is also how most live dealer games work, albeit with a lot more steps in between you pressing that button and the next card being dealt.

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    Games are normally played over a streaming video feed. This allows you to watch the table and the dealer, and see all the action live as it happens. The dealer will act just like one you’d find in a real world casino, talking to you and asking you to place bets and make decisions when appropriate. You’ll still have an interface where you can choose what you want to do and where you want to make bets, but that information will be relayed back to the croupier, who can then play out the hand or spin according to your instructions. You’ll be able to keep track of what is going on through the many cameras at the table; in card games, you might also see the cards scanned so that your interface can show you more clearly what cards are out on the table at all times.

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    Some live dealer casinos implement social elements as well. You might be able to chat with other players at the table, and it is frequently possible to have at least a limited conversation with the dealer. Some companies have even experimented with large-scale gameshow like formats, particularly when it comes to live roulette.

    At most websites, live games are only available for real money. This makes sense: not only is it more expensive to operate live games, since you have to pay the staff, but there are only a limited number of seats available in most of these games, and so they are reserved for paying customers.

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    Many games have been tried in the live format by online casinos, but a few stand out as being the most popular by far. Blackjack is often available at the best casinos with a live component; as perhaps the most popular table game in the world (outside of Asia), blackjack is a natural inclusion for this format.

    Baccarat, the favoured card game for high rollers, is also a common sight. This is simple and easy to play, but also has a mystique to it that is hard to capture while playing online. With live baccarat, players can get more of the authentic casino experience, and it may also make many superstitious players feel more at ease than an RNG does.

    Finally, there’s roulette. This is a popular option because you can fit many players at the same table; in fact, at some sites, the roulette tables may have virtually unlimited capacity! Roulette is a fun and social game, so it makes sense that it would be more enjoyable in a live format.

    Other popular games in this format include sic bo and Casino Hold’em.

    Why Play?

    Live dealer casino games are a great way to spice things up to get a break from slots and standard flash casino games. There’s nothing quite like interacting with another human being to make a game feel more authentic, and the social aspect has always been an important part of the gambling experience for many people. Since you can’t really get that from a typical Flash game, adding the real world element is a great way to recapture that feeling.

    If you want to try playing online casino games with live dealers, it’s easy to get started. Sign up for an account at one of these trustworthy sites listed on this page today, and you can jump into your first game in minutes!

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